Monday, November 7, 2011

A Bag Gadget!

I stumbled across this handy little gadget in the garden section of "The Columbus Dispatch", of all places.  Invented as a kitchen helper, I see lots of other uses for this handy little devise ... especially for quilters and crafters.

The Bagwell is a plastic gadget that opens into four "arms".  You take a 1-gallon storage baggie, make a cuff at the top, fold the cuff over the "arms" and voila!  You have a stable wide-mouth container that is easy to fill.

The Bagwell folds flat, and I think it's a must-have addition to my portable sewing "kit".  I can see using this for scraps, threads and other bits of trash (using a plastic grocery bag).  Or -- even better -- a holding tank of sorts for itty bitty squares of fabric.  You could cut your scraps as you go, put them in this baggie, seal it up and take them home for sorting into your home stash!

I'm considering adding this as a notion on my website.  What other uses can you envision for this handy little gadget?

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